Vehicle Diagnostic Testing in Portsmouth

What is a diagnostic test?

With car manufacturers now producing vehicles with advance and never seen before technology, sometimes it can be harder to find any problems or potential problems with newer cars than with older cars. Using engine diagnostic equipment, our trained technicians at McLaren Accident Repair & MOT Centre in Portsmouth can diagnose current and potential problems for all makes and models of vehicles. This ensures our customers are happier and no time is wasted when it comes to fixing problems.

When to get one?

If your car is running fine, there is no need to get a diagnostic test carried out, however it may be a good idea to check for faults once a year and stop any potential problems before they occur. If your car is running incorrectly or has any lights on the dashboard staying on, it may be the first sign that something may be wrong with your car and driving with precaution could avoid further problems. For example, if a red or amber light such as the engine management light stays on, a diagnostic test will help locate the problem.

Our vehicle diagnostic services

As well as checking for occurring problems and potential problems with your car, we can carry out:

  • Airbag Reset
  • Brake (ABS) System Reset
  • Emissions Testing
  • Oil Service Reset

Many garages will charge for a diagnostic on top of the parts and labour required for fixing your car, however at McLaren Accident Repair & MOT Centre, once we have repaired the problem with your car, we deduct the cost of the diagnostic test.

To book your car diagnostic test, call 02392 862161 or fill the form in below.