Accident Claim Specialists in Portsmouth

Your insurance company may recommend one of their affiliated accident repairers to save on costs, however, you have the right to choose where your car can be repaired. By choosing McLaren Accident Repair & MOT Centre, your cherished car will receive an excellent repair which is guaranteed to last.

Having an accident is at best inconvenient and at worst downright traumatic. For some it is the shock of the collision or event, for others, it is the damage to their prized car. McLaren Accident Repair Centre know that this can be a difficult time and we do our very best to make the whole process of accident damage assessment, vehicle recovery and accident repair, easy as possible for the customer.

From our fully equipped vehicle body shop in Portsmouth, we repair all makes and types of vehicles to the highest standards and do not cost insurance work on a flat rate basis. We specialise in repairing crash damaged cars, as well as four-wheel drive and light commercial vehicles. Your car damage repair is carried out to the highest of standards.

We handle the insurance paperwork

We can do a lot of the administration of an insurance claim on your behalf. Save yourself both time and hassle.

Maintain the value of your car

We use manufacturer-recommended parts and processes to ensure that the value of your vehicle is not diminished after an accident.

Bodywork repair technology

Whether it’s a major accident repair or maybe just scuffed paintwork, we have the skills, equipment and commitment to ensure you are completely happy with the accident repair process, from initial contact to receiving your vehicle back in pristine condition.

To speak to our accident claims team, call 02392 862161 or fill the form in below.